Guide to set up Jade to start coding JADE  – SET UP Firstly, I didn’t succeed, Ctrl+B didn’t work. I continued finding in Internet and this is the result: I must choose: Choose Jade (instead of Automatic- Default) Start CODING NHU EG: Beginning doctype html html(lang=’en’) head … body … mixin syntax: mixin name_mixin using: +name_mixin class + id .class_name #id_name Commet // this is ONE comment line So with many lines? Note: Thinking “//” likes “h2” “h1” or “p” . And dont forget using ‘tab’ before the second line. error css link link(rel=”stylesheet”, href=”css.css”) style(type=’text/css’).   .sai1 {background-color: blue;} …. Attribute … Continue reading JADE – PUG? NODE?