Be stuck in coding | Stop MUSIC to CODE BETTER

Nothing is impossible | Just be patient and sit | Pratice makes Perfect | My list Always reset CSS before coding. Set the inner elements: absolute | | the outer one: relative. Centering things. Ctrl + Shift + V to save with indent elements in Sublime. Edit -> Reindent : balance between col-s use in bootstrap 3 values: right left right left right left right left box-sizing: content-box (default value: width and height = content without padding margin border) | border-box (width and height = content + padding + border without margin) | padding-box (just work in Firefox = content … Continue reading Be stuck in coding | Stop MUSIC to CODE BETTER

Tăng kỹ năng CSS với 20 tips sau

Nguồn:  | Dịch bởi: Canti – có tóm lược theo khả năng hiểu của bản thân, mong mọi người góp ý để Canti hoàn thiện post này nhé! 1- Sử dụng một bộ CSS Reset Không phải hầu hết các PJ đều cần tất cả các rule trong những thư viện reset (normalize.css,…). Kiến nghị: Không bắt buộc phải sử dụng khai báo box-sing – nếu sử dụng inherit box-sizing bên dưới đây, bạn có thể bỏ nó. 2 – Inherit box-sizing Cho box-sizing kế thừa từ html Sẽ dễ dàng hơn trong việc thay đổi box-sing khi code được giới … Continue reading Tăng kỹ năng CSS với 20 tips sau


+ Insert “/wp-admin/index.php” after link wordpress to come WP Admin Eg: “” + Download from SoundCloud: + Lock the keyboard: Keep Shift-right 8s / unlock: 10s To start: type FilterKeys in START. + Insert code in wordpress: Alt+Shift+x the text code. [code language="javascript"] //your language script here [/code] [sourcecode language="csharp"] //your code comes here [/sourcecode] Continue reading Tricks

Tet Diary

Today is the fifth of Tet Holiday 2017! Doing Memrise. Cleaning shoes going out before the first of Tet Holiday and today, strings and shoes are in the disparate places. ^^ . Do you know what that means?! Four-layer Rubic: I have just established a square including 4 small squares on 1 side. Say “No” With Candies Is Crime. My weight: Before Tet, it starts with 5 and now the first number in my weight is 6. My clothes is mostly GREY. My main job at home is couting chicken after unleashing the black cat loving favor of chicken. -_- . How … Continue reading Tet Diary


Guide to set up Jade to start coding JADE  – SET UP Firstly, I didn’t succeed, Ctrl+B didn’t work. I continued finding in Internet and this is the result: I must choose: Choose Jade (instead of Automatic- Default) Start CODING NHU EG: Beginning doctype html html(lang=’en’) head … body … mixin syntax: mixin name_mixin using: +name_mixin class + id .class_name #id_name Commet // this is ONE comment line So with many lines? Note: Thinking “//” likes “h2” “h1” or “p” . And dont forget using ‘tab’ before the second line. error css link link(rel=”stylesheet”, href=”css.css”) style(type=’text/css’).   .sai1 {background-color: blue;} …. Attribute … Continue reading JADE – PUG? NODE?